Updating TNW Availability List

Navigate to the Trees NW Frontend Archive Folder and open the file “USE_FOR_AVAIL_UPDATE”

Open the file and “Enable Content”

Close the file

Open the file again but this time, click and hold down SHIFT until the program is completely open

Search for TNW in the side bar

Update the Data: click on “TNWAvail Table Query” – Click YES 3 times. Then click on TNWAvailFinal Table Query – Click Yes 3 times.

Once the data is updated you can start running availability lists. You can run the following lists by double clicking on them in the side bar.

  • TNW External Availability
  • TNW Focus List
  • TNW Internal Availability
  • TNW Newly Ready Items

Once the data appears, simply select all the data and copy it into excel where it can be manipulated and formatted.